Faith D. Cox

About the Author

Faith D. Cox began a love of writing with a fourth-grade writing assignment. She carried a spiral notebook everywhere for weeks and penned the story. Today, as a professional writer, she still carries a notebook for those instantaneous revelations she doesn’t want to lose. From childhood to adulthood, Faith incorporated writing into her daily life from homework assignments to homeschooling children to writing books and screenplays to opening an after-school tutoring business.

After publishing poetry and writing children’s and middle grade manuscripts, Faith’s next adventure took her into screenwriting. She writes original, family-friendly, heartwarming drama and romantic comedies to encourage, inspire, and entertain through laughter and tears. She is a multi-award-winning, professional screenwriter and is honored to have multiple screenplays awarded as Semi-finalists and Quarter-finalists along with scripts nominated for “Best Role for a Leading Woman,” “Best Ensemble Cast,” and “Humanitarian” awards. She has also placed #8 on “The Hot 100 List.” Through God’s inspiration, Faith enjoys creating manuscripts and screenplays for the entire family.

With inspiration from the Lord, Faith continued in her love of writing as she delved into Christian Women’s fiction, romance, young adult, and tragedy short stories. Within a brief time, her stories are being accepted by publishing companies, and she is enjoying the journey with the support of her family. Her stories are written to captivate and charm; while at the same time, promote Godliness along with resolute, admirable, encouraging Christian living themes.

Faith always has a work-in-progress, if not several, with books and screenplays with many more awaiting their turn to be brought to light. Through quirkiness and sincerity, her characters come alive. A professional critique states, “The characters are vivid and the concept is brimming with drama and themes worth discussing.  This was clearly a script meant to stick with the audience after it concludes, and the strength of the story will make sure this succeeds.” Faith writes with heart in both her manuscripts and screenplays and is excited to share God’s love to the world.

Faith enjoys living in Texas and spending time with her husband and two daughters. Whether it is taking a casual walk around the neighborhood, watching an entertaining movie at home, or going on an occasional road trip, she values the time the Lord has given her with her family. If you’re ever through North Texas, you might see Faith waving at you as she sits on her porch having a piece of dark chocolate or a fresh cup of tea, or she might be in her kitchen making her much-requested banana bread.

Faith greatly appreciates the writing and reading community and welcomes your comments!

Her Published Works

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