Springtime in Surrey

Springtime in Surrey

Springtime in Surrey, the first collection releasing with Wild Blue Wonder Press, is a Christian anthology featuring eight lovely stories. With a mix of historical and contemporary, romance and women’s fiction, a dash of mystery here and there, real-life themes presented in a loving way, and a vintage feel, this story is sure to charm lovers of Christian women’s fiction.

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Jesus, I Am Resting by Faith Blum

Elinor Chapman lost her mother on the day she earned enough to pay for a doctor. Now, alone at seventeen, she takes over her mother’s laundry business to survive. Her only consolation is the son of one of her clients has taken an interest in her, and she has begun to return his feelings.

When the archduke of Austria is assassinated and war is declared, her beau enlists, triggering traumatic memories. As many of her clients ship overseas, Elinor is forced to take on nursing to survive, but her passion for helping other orphans distracts her from this job, leaving her little time for rest. Exhausted, Elinor pushes herself harder and harder to catch up.

Will she run herself into the ground … or will she learn to rest in Jesus?

The Cottage on the Hill by Andrea Renee Cox

Moira Wood lost her ballerina dreams when she suffered an unfortunate accident. During every teatime at her cottage hideaway, it hits her afresh what she won’t again be able to obtain.

Helping out on his uncle’s farm, Adrian Davis worries he’ll never earn a place of his own. While sent on a bevy of errands, he observes a woman crying into her tea and wonders why … and what he could do to cheer her up.

When forced to confront their own regrets, will Moira and Adrian trust that God has a good plan even through crushed dreams and far-off hopes?

If I Knew You Were Coming by Bailey Gaines

Joan Masterson feels like she can never contribute enough to the war effort. Even though she is part of the Women’s Land Army and has taken in two evacuee children from London, it never seems like enough. Her exhaustion turns to excitement when her soldier husband Leo phones her to say he’s coming home. Joan knows Leo’s leave will probably be short, so she makes plans to travel by train to meet him so they can spend time together.

But when the effects of the London Blitz hit close to home and ruin her plans, Joan realizes that motherly love transcends blood and that her calling as a mother is the most important thing in her life. But is it important enough to pass up the chance to meet Leo?

Her Heart’s Home by Grace A. Johnson

Three years after her father died in the Great War, Meredith Tate has been forced from her home. With nary a friend in the world, she swallows her pride and takes a position at Deepdene House, a mansion turned hotel, as she seeks the Lord on what to do next.

What she doesn’t expect is to meet Captain Trevor Seaton, a quiet military man who manages to catch her at her worst moments.

Since the war, Trevor has drifted throughout southern England, until he’s drawn to Deepdene House. There, he encounters a woman with the hands of a servant, the bearing of a lady, and a heart of gold. Miss Tate ignites within him a yearning to settle down with a family, but convincing her to court him proves a struggle.

Will Trevor’s determined wooing and God’s gentle persuasion win Meredith over? Or will she forever be searching for a new home?

The Tussie-Mussie by Katja H. Labonté

Miss Caitrìona Roylett is determined to rescue her family from poverty by making a brilliant match. She is on the verge of success when her brother is arrested for a sensational crime. Despised and shunned, Caitrìona is forced to return home to the country, helpless to save her loved ones.

Mr. Ewart Alinac has spent twenty years as a recluse. With his confidence stolen by his parents’ cruelty, he raises his younger sister away from the rush of society. When a letter from his estranged mother forces him towards a path he despises, Ewart struggles with crippling fears as he attempts to protect his sister.

After a chance meeting, Ewart and Caitrìona find aid in each other. Soon they spend their days side by side, working for their respective families. But as mysteries are uncovered and characters tested, what truth will be revealed? Can wounds be healed and true love bloom during springtime in Surrey?

The Odd Duck Society by Rachel Leitch

Jessamy Aubertine is too much for her university classmates, too little for her overstressed mum, and nothing in between. In an attempt to make herself useful, she takes on a spring holiday at her childhood home in Box Hill to sell her family’s fading tea shop and somehow work out how to tell her mum she’s switching study plans.

When letters from famous authors turn up, can Jessamy and a pair of unlikely comrades find the writer behind them—and perhaps discover themselves as well? Or will their friendship fade with The Muses at the end of spring holiday?

Fear Not Tomorrows by Erika Mathews

Hardworking Margaret Enfield is finally beginning to see her dreams come true with an engagement to her lifelong best friend, Lester. But when his twin brother falls ill, Lester must travel across England to care for Sidney’s business and his young daughter Emily.

Left behind in Surrey, Margaret tends her own ailing mother and seven younger siblings. When business complications prove serious and the same sickness ravages both Lester and Emily, every tomorrow feels bleak as lonely drudgery overtakes the once-rosy springtime. If Lester does return to her, will he ever recover enough to live their dreams?

When faced with unknowns too big for them to handle, how can Margaret and Lester place their uncertain tomorrows into the hands of Jesus without reservation?

Courage to Stay by Kellyn Roth

Rosalind finds herself married to Matthias Emmet after her intended groom, his older brother, tragically perishes in battle. Despite her childhood infatuation with Matthias, they are now near-strangers. Determined to forge a connection, Rosalind sets out to bridge the gap.

Haunted by nightmares of his brother’s death, Matthias distances himself from his new bride to protect her from his inner turmoil. Seizing an opportunity for solitude, he embarks on a spontaneous hunting trip with his old friends.

Unwilling to let Matthias slip away, Rosalind disguises herself in men’s attire and tracks him to the forest. Although Matthias recognizes her, she refuses to retreat, vowing to fight for their marriage. However, Matthias fears the consequences of letting Rosalind into his heart and mind. Can he summon the courage to stay, or will his fractured mind drive him far away from the woman he loves?