Novelists in November: Preorder Goodies

Have You Preordered Novelists in November?

Until the publication date, anyone who preorders is welcome to fill out the form below to receive exclusive digital goodies and entry into a giveaway. The goodies and the giveaway are both open to US and international entries.

The Preorder Goodies

  • Entry into an exclusive giveaway hosted by Kellyn Roth, containing a hand-knitted scarf and hat set (November-themed!), a faux leather journal and matching pens, a $20 gift card to a bookseller of your choice, and a paperback copy of the first anthology, Springtime in Surrey.
  • A PDF containing writing tips from several authors in the collection.
  • A book club guide with discussion questions assembled by all the authors.
  • A family tree, house plan, and a picture of Tollemache House from the story of that name, along with an epilogue for said story, donated by Kellyn Roth.
  • Desktop and phone wallpapers for various stories, donated by Avrie Swan, Faith D. Cox, Andrea Renee Cox, and Katja H. Labonté.
  • Printable bookmarks, a Spotify playlist, and recipes from Bennett Family Diner for Pages of Grace, donated by Heather Flynn.
  • Two exclusive Spotify playlists, an exclusive blueberry scone recipe, exclusive audiobook narration of The Lost History of Lavender Lockbourne, and an exclusive unsent letter from Edward Snow to Lavender Lockbourne, donated by Shira J. Rodriguez.
  • A Spotify playlist and some cozy autumnal recipes along with a collection of seasonable poems, donated by Bethany Willcock.
  • Novelists in November printable bookmarks and Instagram story graphics, donated by Kellyn Roth.
  • Currently-reading graphics for Instagram stories, donated by Katie Zeliger.

The Preorder Giveaway

Everyone who preorders will be entered to win the following giveaway:

  • A hand-knitted scarf and hat set (November-themed!).
  • A faux leather journal and matching pens.
  • A $20 gift card to a bookseller of your choice.
  • A paperback copy of the first anthology, Springtime in Surrey.

This giveaway will be drawn by November 30th, and the winner will be emailed and announced in early December.

Claim Your Goodies!

Fill out the form below to claim your preorder goodies! These will be sent to you shortly before the novel’s release (approximately by October 15th).

Note: if you preorder the collection multiple times, please fill out this form for every individual purchase.

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If You Haven't Preordered Yet ...

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