Heather Flynn

About the Author

Heather Flynn was born and raised among the trees and trails of Kentucky, which fostered in her a love of God’s creation and the stories it breathes. She lives there with her husband Jason and together they dream of someday having a little farm to call their own. By day, Heather immerses herself in a world of books as she works at a library. Not only is this a place where stories come alive, but she counts it a great joy to be able to witness the way books and kindness can make such a difference for people.


From a young age she had a hunger for stories, she loved reading them and making up her own daring tales. While in school, this vicarious little reader happily read at a higher reading level then others in her grade. This didn’t go unnoticed by others, and she was often given fabulous new stories to lose herself in. One of those surprise gifts, just so happened to be the first Christian book she ever read, The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe. This famous work by C.S. Lewis fostered in her desire to create and make a difference. Heather’s passion lies in crafting Christian fiction (and occasionally nonfiction) that touches people’s hearts and brings smiles to their faces. Whether it’s a heartfelt moment or a chuckle, she aims to connect with readers and leave them feeling better than when they started reading her work. Her first book was a self-published devotional that has had many happy readers in her hometown and beyond. Heather also hopes to write and illustrate her own children’s picture book(s). She has seen so many children touched by reading, that she wants to help inspire more young minds.
Heather has many favorites and dabbles in a variety of different crafts. Some of the hobbies she enjoys are making jewelry, drawing, soap carving, wood burning, and many more. When it comes to music, Heather cherishes good Christian music and the emotions that can be found in songs. She plays the guitar and is trying to learn the keyboard. Her listening favorites include: contemporary worship, bluegrass gospel, and southern gospel. However, if pressed to choose a favorite artist she would likely start naming off a long list. One of her favorite animals is chickens, whose quirky personalities hold a special place in her heart. Heather’s favorite season is fall with its pretty leaves and cooler weather. She finds autumn to be a time of reflection and renewal, which she weaves into her short story Pages of Grace which can be found in the anthology Novelists in November from Wild Blue Wonder Press.

Her Published Works

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